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Submitted on
January 22, 2013


...Sound like a good excuse? Good, I wasn't really buying it myself.

Okay, that's not completely false. Discord's Reign and, by extension, Forest of Knowledge(they aren't really connected, but beat with me) were waiting on this new episode before I got my hands down and dirty, and I've been sitting on this lofty rewrite/outline for both fics before I run into the endgame on both of them(although Forest hasn't really started yet. I blame lazines-I MEAN DISCORD).

Still, I have to go over a couple of my fics, especially Rumble, as now I have to craft my stories around the knowledge that, while Discord is a force of nature, he isn't one that is necessarily evil. Still, Discord's Reign will proceed as planned. Rumble will proceed mostly as planned. Forest needs a late game rewrite to its outline. And the Stars in the Scroll requires a full rewrite(although to be honest this actually works for it's favor. God if I don't outright cancel this fic, it's gonna be a fun ride).

Literacy, Ho!
TheDagwoodBrony Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
You could go outside of canon, but then again, bronies value the canon like dear life. A bit unfair to change Discord like this when so many fics and plans for fics have already been made. Discord's in one of my fictions, and I'm not changing it even though it goes outside of canon now.

Laziness is a disease rampant in the writer's community. Hard to combat, limits work flow. But, oh well.

Literacy, Ho!
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