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Discord's Reign: Theft of Generosity
       A cyan earth pony slammed the door shut to her and her sister's establishment in an exhausted huff. Through the glass door, she could see the mass of ponies walking dejectedly away from their spa, heads hung low and dripping with chocolate. "This may be a spa in which we beautify the ponies of Ponyville, but we are not a place for free baths!" she groaned, putting a hoof on her forehead and shaking it. Her pink mane fell over her eyes as she freed it from her hairband, putting an early end to a busy day.
       "Don't worry about it, Aloe!" a happier voice chimed in. Staring up, Aloe could see her sister above, staring out a window on the open loft above. Her sister was the exact opposite in coloration than Aloe, sporting a pink coat that led up to her cyan mane and tail. It was easy for most ponies to guess their twin sisterhood. "I'm sure once all this weird weather clears up, we'll be back to beautifying ponies instead of washing
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Rumble - (4) Hysteria Breeds Contempt
       Applejack couldn't help but stare as the beast known as Black Bull took a step toward the gathered ponies, the mare instinctively putting herself inbetween the demon and Fluttershy. Braeburn put himself inbetween his injured officer and looked unsuredly between Black Bull and Applejack. How exactly had the jail kept Bull imprisoned when... that lurked just beneath his coat? It didn't make sense.
       "'Jackie! Get away from him!" He fought every urge to call Black Bull 'it,' in fear that he might offend the hulking, blazing behemoth of a pony.
       Fluttershy's hooves stayed firm on the ground, out of fright or some unearthed vessel of courage, Applejack neither knew nor cared. Her face was frozen as well, her eyes dancing over every last detail, her lip trembling as her wings outstretched. "It-it's a Djinn." Applejack's ears perked at the name.
       "Ain't those supposed t
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TLA 4 - The Panacea Appeal of the Matron
       Cheerilee busied herself in the Library's kitchen, her upbeat humming in harmony with the mid-morning sunlight that beamed through the window. Truly, she felt at the top of her game, ready to tackle anything to day might throw at her–and rightly, it would throw everything it could. Putting together a pair of daisy sandwiches, Cheerilee couldn't help but start to bend her back legs a bit, hopping about and dancing to some imaginary tune.
       It wasn't long at all before she was shaking what her momma gave her. "Who's a silly pony~!" Cheerilee sang, a foalish smile on her face. Swinging about, Cheerilee started to lose herself in the old pony pop song, calling back to the old days of fast living and ridiculous hair of her youth. Abandoning the sandwiches on the table, Cheerilee went into full 'break it down' mode, her limbs shaking off their rust as the schoolteacher performed her celebratory dance in the solitude of the kitchen.
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TLA 3 - The Edible, Inebriated Appeal
       The Blue Mare, in what Twilight Sparkle was sure was false advertising, had its walls painted in an array of seductive reds. Gold trim bordered all the rooms and doorways, including the fake windows that dotted the walls. The small alcoves were home to an array of roses and other romantic flowers, which were accented with the complex floral pattern on the carpeting, with its green vines and red flowers. It was the perfect spot for a romantic evening.
       "It's a bit much, isn't it?" Cheerilee asked, her voice tinged with boredom. Twilight snapped back to attention as the schoolteacher went on. "I swear, I read the exact same kind of restaurant description in all my books, and this place looks like it was lifted right off the pages."
       "And what's with the name, 'The Blue Mare?' It sounds like a bar in Canterlot," Twilight added, taking a long, exaggerated sip from her small glass of wine. A stock smile was plast
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TLA 2 - The Scholarly Appeal
       "And that concludes the fundamental theorem of Calculus. Anypony have any questions?" Cheerilee asked her class, her bright eyes scanning the room for any glazed over expressions. Luckily, her fears were unfounded as even Snips and Snails seemed excited over the prospect of math, of all things. "Very good, class. Now, I know you all have been waiting very patiently for class to end, and seeing that it's such a nice day out, I think I can turn you all loose early for the day–"
        With an unnatural roar, the class exploded into a frightful din, the students immediately starting to pack their school utensils into their desks as they let their thoughts run over the wonderful gift of an extra half an hour their teacher had given them. "Now, everypony, I want questions one through ten done tonight, and question eleven is extra credit for anypony who wants to take a chance at Differential Calculus."
        "Oh! Do we get extra credit anyway
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The Literary Appeal
        "And remember everypony, the book reports on Dr. Hoofslove's classic story about being quiet and loving his fans is due this Monday!" Cheerilee said, giving her class her best and brightest smile to combat the chorus of groans and various foally headdesks. She lightheartedly chuckled at her class' usual demeanor toward homework and dismissed the legions of children to the unprepared streets of Ponyville. As Cheerilee watched them all flee, she sighed wistfully, watching the clock on the wall tick just past three. The red, one-room schoolhouse echoed a certain soundlessness that, ever since Hearts and Hooves Day, was really starting to eat at her. Rapping on her desk with her hooves, she stared at the mountain of paperwork she had before her, glaring at it. It was the most she had ever had to deal with the entire year, and she cursed her short-sightedness in assigning three different project due dates on the same Friday.
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The Stars in the Scroll - Prologue
I'm sorry to hear about your parents...
Th-thanks. It–it was a shock. I keep going over it in my head. Day after day I stay away from Canterlot, I really didn't think... I never considered for a moment they wouldn't be there if I ever came back.
You mean you didn't know if you'd ever come back?
No! I mean, I don't know. I've made so many changes in my life, that I hadn't thought that far ahead. I guess it's all so overwhelming.
I understand. It's hard losing someone so close. To lose two is just, ugh, I don't want to imagine it!
Well... I feel awful saying this, but I was never really... close, to my parents. Don't misunderstand me, I love them, and... there's a hole where they should be, but, ugh, I'm sorry, you must think I'm a terrible pony.
No. I think you're in shock.
That's just it, though! I don't feel like I'm in shock! I feel, I dunno, empty. No, that's not right. Less than I should be, but still more than I should be. I don't know how to put i
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Discord's Reign: Division of Loyalty
    Discord swirled the clouds around him, a gleeful chuckle escaping his lips as the spun clouds started to turn pink. Floating them above his head, he clapped his mitts together as the new cloudforms took off into the sky, finding their white brethren and infecting them into a delicious treat. Satisfied that the problem would take care of itself, Discord's newest target made herself clear to him with a scream.
    Up above, a griffin spun around her cloud nest, trying desperately to keep the home from falling apart. Wooden sticks, perfectly placed on hard-packed cloudstuff started to sink into the hastily sweetening surface, large chunks of personal belongings and furniture plummeting to the ground, shattering mercilessly nearby. With a cry of dismay, the cloudy home broke apart, the sticky residue coming off as chocolate rain as the floors spit out the last of the griffin's home.
    "What is this stuff!?" Gilda shrieked, a
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Discord's Reign: Silence of Laughter
    It was as good as a place to start as any. Draped in an inexpressive gray landscape, the Pie Rock Farm lay as dormant and sediment filled as ever. The weather above looked as happy and sun filled as ever. And, as ever, he could feel the ponies celebrating in their Harmony.
    He would have to change that.
    There were too many things that were uniform, and as he walked nonchalantly through the melting sea of chocolate dirt, he took some delight in the feeling of goo on his scaly tail. Slipping his head around, he sampled his newest creation with a quick lick, face melding to that of some deliriously happy child. Slipping his head between his legs, he kept walking with his body arched into a circle. He took a rock into his hand and examined it, chuckling with mild enthusiasm when it quacked. "Now now, you'll make a terrible ruckus if you don't keep a lid on it," he shushed the stone, before slipping the rest of hi
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A Rumble in Appleoosa - (3) A Burning Sensation
       It was a hot summer's day on Sweet Apple Acres, and Applejack was on fire. Or at least, some of the wood that burned brightly above her was. Dust, soot, and smoke swirled around the hellish landscape around her as flames licked greedily at the dry wood. Her lovely baby blue hotel room had been replaced with wooden slivers and stakes which peppered the walls. In front of her, Silverback's barrel was speckled with debris, the stallion's lifeless eyes staring straight into hers. Applejack hated to admit it, but it would seem Silverback's enormous girth had saved her from the blast.
       "Blast...?" Applejack coughed, her lungs rejecting the poor excuse for air in the hotel. As the dazed mare started to orient herself upright, a frozen fear accompanied her. "Fluh-Fluttershy!" Applejack called out weakly, drawing herself up to all fours. "Fluttershy!?" Looking about, Applejack couldn't be sure what happened, but she knew she was alone in her
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A Rumble in Appleoosa - (2) Things Get Hot
       A thousand, tiny Apple Blooms bucked her head, drumming to the beat of her heart. A muddied thickness aliken to that of the Everfree Forest trickled into her vision, eating away at her senses. Applejack strained against the vines that threatened to hold her, her mind like molasses, sucking the motivation to move dry. From afar, Fluttershy's muffles whimpered through the undergrowth.
       That wasn't right.
       Applejack was the strongest mare this side of Canterlot, and there wasn't anypony who could harm her loved ones. This would not do.
       Appleloosa roared through the foliage, overtaking Applejack as her eyes snapped open. Baby blue walls met her vision as the afternoon sun through the shade over her window. Two rough stallions, one donned in a deep brown coat and jet black mane, the other colt a faded beige, swept aside by his silver hair. Both ponies stood over Fluttershy, who s
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A Rumble in Appleoosa - (1) Bad Blood
       Dust billowed over wooden decks, weathering the sun baked wood into splinters. Heat radiated from the ground beneath Applejack's hooves, a reminder of the day's warmth as the starlight twinkled above. The sky over Ponyville was unlike that of Canterlot, but even that little village couldn't stand up to the midnight expanse over Appleloosa. Lonely flats of sand and dust stretched on as far as the eye could see, mountains peaking along the horizon, the soft glow of the moon casting patterns upon the town.
       A light pressure tore Applejack from the scene as Fluttershy leaned against her, her eyes stained with sleep from the long trip from Ponyville. The yellow pegasus looked no worse for wear, her lightly toned frame in contrast with the hard working farmpony beside her. In a fit of foalish behavior, Fluttershy nipped at Applejack's hat, flipping it over her own head and patting it down on her pink mane. Apple
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A Package for Scootaloo
        Rainbow streaks crossed the sky with incredible speed as the usual suspects sat in the fields of Ponyville to watch the cyan mare tear up the clouds and deliver death-defying stunts to the oohs and aahs of the crowd. As the rainbow pony finished up her morning routine, the crowd started to disperse, leaving only the most dedicated of fans staring from below. Scootaloo stared up at the sky, her hero nothing but a speck in the sky as she darted from cloud to cloud, gathering more and more moisture around her.
        The filly on the ground stood as tall as her little hooves could push her, her amethyst eyes sparkling as Rainbow Dash sparked through the sky, whispers of a barrier forming around her as the mare rapidly started her decent. Scootaloo could see the streaks of water streaming off Rainbow's body, forming into miniature rainbows, the droplets ripping apart into a light spectrum as the fearso
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The Time We Have Now
    "It's supposed to be super-tough, but I'm not worried about it! I am the greatest flyer in all of Equestria, after all!" The high-flying boast could only come the one and only Rainbow Dash. Sky blue with signature Rainbow mane, the speedster was in the middle of her self-congratulatory speech in front of her assembled friends. "This time next year, you're looking at a certified Wonderbolt!" Despite the calm and collected mare she was attempting to portray herself as, Dash couldn't help but give off a high pitched squeal of delight as her friends surrounded her with praise and wishes of good luck.
    "Congratulations Rainbow!" Twilight Sparkle chimed, an excited grin on her face. The lavender pony hugged her friend briefly as she spoke to the assembled group. "Everypony should be able to follow their dreams like this!"
    "Oh this is so exciting!" Pinkie Pie cheered. The pink mare spun around on one hoof with her forelegs
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Equestrian Writers Convention - The Beginning
    It has been said that even the greatest Equestrian scholars with the highest magics available to them can't peer into the past or future. Even when discussion is brought up with the Royal Sisters, the topic never reveals much about a time before ponies. Celestia has been on record as saying that one day she just was, and that she was not alone. Many modern scholars were especially confused by this, until the day Luna returned, bringing truth to an old mare's tale. But even after that point, Celestia mentioned that she and her sister were not alone.
    There was more to the beginning than anypony thought, and even then they couldn't be certain that before the Princesses walked upon Equestria, there was nothing. Many philosophers matched wits until they came up with their best answers, but they were shaky at best. Many held quarreling beliefs, each believing their theories best represented the past of Equestria, although no idea held much wate
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Equestrian Writers Convention - Middle
    Twilight Sparkle had to find Fluttershy.
    The cream-colored pegasus had fled the panel hall following a compromising situation involving two authors and their genre of choice. Ignoring Twilight's shouts to come back, Fluttershy had very quickly disappeared into the gentle wave of pastel ponies. Now, as she rounded another bend of the convention halls, Twilight slumped over next to the wall.
    "Well that's just peachy." Twilight's eyes landed on the multitude of ponies, perfect for anypony to be lost in. Trying to catch a pink mane or a butter yellow coat was useless in a place where your eyes were drawn to the magnificent. Or, in the case of one Blueblood cosplay, horrifying. Picking herself back up, Twilight took to the halls of the convention, her scanning gaze combing over crowds and looking for telltale signs of her friend.
    "Twilight? Twilight Sparkle?" The purple unicorn paused briefly as
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'Give that back' by Mn27 'Give that back' :iconmn27:Mn27 1,007 150 Appleirony by Vasillium Appleirony :iconvasillium:Vasillium 52 11
Rainbow Dash's Story
You want to hear how I and Applejack became an item, huh? Well, okay... this is how it went.
I'd been having hots for her for a long time, and why not? She's tough, she's cool, she's honest and reliable, she's got these green eyes the color of spring grass when you look at it from far above, so bright you feel like you could just freefall in them, and hoo boy, those haunches... Rowr!
The only problem was I wasn't good with this emotional stuff. Still aren't, really, but lucky me, Applejack doesn't mind most of the time. Sure, I'd fooled around with willing fillies before, but the only time I'd tried anything more serious with somepony I'd been burned bad, and it left me kinda wary. So I was trying to go at it in a roundabout way first, hoping she'd get the hint or something. That didn't work out too well, and I almost pissed Applejack off when I "accidentally" crashed into her the third time in a month.
So I made a tactica
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Rarity - video link added by BenHickling Rarity - video link added :iconbenhickling:BenHickling 1,593 167 Sweet Apple Sisters by Mn27 Sweet Apple Sisters :iconmn27:Mn27 1,003 121 Weird Al and Pinkie by shuffle001 Weird Al and Pinkie :iconshuffle001:shuffle001 521 166 Today on Mythbusters: ponies by TheArtrix Today on Mythbusters: ponies :icontheartrix:TheArtrix 6,366 1,194 Lava stage by Elosande Lava stage :iconelosande:Elosande 10 7 Phoenixshy by Elosande Phoenixshy :iconelosande:Elosande 73 35 Balloons by Mn27 Balloons :iconmn27:Mn27 693 102 PONIES by Sound-Resonance PONIES :iconsound-resonance:Sound-Resonance 48 16 That pony can dance by shuffle001 That pony can dance :iconshuffle001:shuffle001 610 70
STORY: Twilight Sky Over Canterlot
Twilight Sky Over Canterlot
By Foxxy

Ugh~~~ morning.
    I woke up with my muzzle pressed tight against the rough cast of a blue plastered wall, and for a moment, I was sure I was still dreaming.
    "Ugh… Spike?"
    Nopony. Just the blue wall and me.
    Yes, I remembered, that's right, I'm not dreaming, as my eyes adjusted and the features of my old dorm room at Canterlot U slowly slid back into place. I'm not dreaming, I'm back here again. I shuffled around in the bed. I'd kicked the sheets off in the night and they lay in a heap on the floor right where Spike's little basket used to sit. He used to hate when I'd do that! Hehe.
    My attention shifted to the very foot of the bed, where I contemplated the unfamiliar sight of my old window. I gently moved some books off the sill and unlatched the window with my mouth.
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Target Demographic by AndyKluthe Target Demographic :iconandykluthe:AndyKluthe 231 51 Scoo and Dash by QNAMAN Scoo and Dash :iconqnaman:QNAMAN 212 58 Fluttershy by BlackGryph0n Fluttershy :iconblackgryph0n:BlackGryph0n 1,782 174



...Sound like a good excuse? Good, I wasn't really buying it myself.

Okay, that's not completely false. Discord's Reign and, by extension, Forest of Knowledge(they aren't really connected, but beat with me) were waiting on this new episode before I got my hands down and dirty, and I've been sitting on this lofty rewrite/outline for both fics before I run into the endgame on both of them(although Forest hasn't really started yet. I blame lazines-I MEAN DISCORD).

Still, I have to go over a couple of my fics, especially Rumble, as now I have to craft my stories around the knowledge that, while Discord is a force of nature, he isn't one that is necessarily evil. Still, Discord's Reign will proceed as planned. Rumble will proceed mostly as planned. Forest needs a late game rewrite to its outline. And the Stars in the Scroll requires a full rewrite(although to be honest this actually works for it's favor. God if I don't outright cancel this fic, it's gonna be a fun ride).

Literacy, Ho!


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